Harley Davidson Sportster Powered Quad ATV

Iron Horse Quads

Custom built one-of-a-kind

Hog Wild Motorsports is proud to present the Iron Horse Quad...a custom built ATV powered by the powerful and reliable Harley Davidson Sportster engine.

The Harley Davidson Sportster Engine provides ton of torque and power to get the Iron Horse Quad up and moving quickly and keep the fun going all day long.

The Iron Horse Quad is completely customizable too. From derby covers to grips to hand controls, to handle bars the custom options are endless.

We will be posting video of the Harley Davidson Sportster powered Iron Horse Quad shortly and check out the images on our Products page.

We are something different.

A short time ago, a man returned from the annual Sturgis bike ralley impressed with the number of custom motorcycles that attended.

While sharing his trip with family and friends, he raised the question, "Why hasn't someone done for the off-road crowd what has already been done in the custom cruiser world?" Thus begun Hog Wild Motorsports.

Not content with just starting off small, the originators decided to go big, real big. While the idea of putting an air-cooled Harley-Davidson Sportster engine in a quad had been done before, ours is the first ever to feature a completely custom frame, built from the ground up and specifically designed to hold the power and torque that comes from a cruiser style V-Twin as well as being able to customize the quad using aftermarket cruiser parts. Thus was born our Harley-Davidson Sportster powered Iron Horse Quad!